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About Us

Welcome To Ferraiolo Fitness

We prioritize understanding each individuals’ unique needs to customize a safe and effective routine that delivers rapid and remarkable results.

What Makes Us Different?

We Understand The Individual

It doesn’t matter what your age or current fitness level is.
We can help you get to where you want to be by customizing sessions that meet you where you are right now. We’ll celebrate with you as you start to see the results you’ve been looking for.

Knee, back or shoulder problems?
Over half our client come in with these and other issues. The normal reaction people have to these conditions is to avoid exercise and actives. The fact is even a healthy skeletal system needs to be locked into proper posture with strong flexible muscles. Lower back problems are exasperated by inactivity make those corresponding muscles weaker. Core exercise will usually stabilize and minimize or eliminate this condition. We will work carefully and deliberately to stabilize back, knee and other ailments without worsening these conditions. If a condition can not be corrected, say arthritic knees, we will effectively work around the condition and safely guide you to a high degree of over-all fitness.

We proudly offer our state-of-the-art personal training studio:

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A Note From

Ralph Ferraiolo

I began weight training in my teenage years and never stopped.

From 1978 to 1998 I was a frequent flier traveling to over 30 countries while working for a NJ based fortune 500 company. I ended my career with them as their Senior Sales and Service Engineer over 1,300 business trips later. I ran and continued lifting weights during this time and it gave me a remarkable edge. I got married in 2002 to Leann Micheals, a Nurse Practitioner. From 1998 to 2004 I worked an Owners Rep / Project Manager for AT&T & their Government Markets Divisions. Again my fitness program continued to give me an edge and great enjoyment.

In 2004 I reinvented myself for the third and last time as a professional trainer. I have found my calling here. Leann has been a guiding influence in the business from it’s inception. We won Leesburg’s Best Home Business 2009 then runner up 2010, Finalist for Loudoun’s Best Home Business 2009, Runner up Leesburg Today’s best Personal Trainer in 2014 (the first year they offered this category), and best or runner up in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, at which point I elected out of the competition.

The studio I personally designed and had built behind my home in Historic Leesburg in 2005 help to establish me as Loudoun County’s premier trainer.

This venue has served me well for the past 18 years, and for 10 of those years allowed me to expand to 2 other locations, which were opened until Covid. Prior to Covid we had 12-14 trainers conducting over 150 trainees per week. Subsequently Covid had us reduce our footprint back to our original venue. We currently handle a few dozen valued trainees per week.

The Ferraiolo Fitness brand also extended to the Harrison Luxury Apartment Towers at the Reston Town Center. There, we enjoyed an exclusive contract to supply all of the Harrison’s fitness needs in their 12,000 sq ft fitness area. This included 20+ group classes per week & personal training for residence along with floor attendants. This is an association we are very proud of, but was also dismantled as a result of Covid.

Yours in health and wellness,
Ralph Ferraiolo